While having a written contract isn’t a necessity in a Dominant/submissive relationship, W/we have found that it really helps U/us to keep on track.  O/our contract outlines many things including O/our goals, O/our respective rights and responsibilities, as well as my chores and rules for my behavior.  Below i am including a copy of the current contract, however, keep in mind as relationships are fluid so is the contract.  Either Master or i can suggest a revision or dissolution of the contract at any time- though mine is a request rather than a demanded revision.

To write O/our contract W/we read through many D/s contracts available on the web and took ideas from nearly all of them.  my suggestion is that of you are looking into a written contract for your relationship, you write it rather than use a “template” as you and your partner are unique.  Many other contracts i found included a section on financial situations, however that wasn’t necessary for my relationship so W/we left it out.

Master/Slave Contract

This CONTRACT is made as of November 30, 2015, by and between the undersigned parties.

I. Master

I, __________, here in after referred to as MASTER, willingly and of my own free will agrees to become Master and assume total and complete control.

II. Slave

I, __________, registered slave number ***-***-***, here in after referred to as SLAVE, willingly and of my own free will agrees to give total control to MASTER of my body, mind, and of my person.

III. Term

This ownership shall begin on November 30, 2015 and shall continue until either MASTER or SLAVE submit a dissolution letter in writing. Revisions may be suggested by either party at either time, but only implemented when a printed revised copy of this contract is signed by both MASTER and SLAVE.

IV. Goals

The primary goal of MASTER and SLAVE in this contracted relationship is to provide a safe, loving BDSM relationship based in trust and communication. This relationship should fulfill the needs of both MASTER and SLAVE.

A. The primary goal of MASTER in this relationship is to love, protect, guide and teach SLAVE to be a better match for MASTER.

B. The primary goal of SLAVE in this relationship is to show complete devotion and obedience and learn to be the best match for MASTER.

V. Areas of Control

The SLAVE is now owned entirely by MASTER. MASTER has complete control of SLAVE in every way. The SLAVE acknowledges that her mind, body, heart and time now belong to MASTER. MASTER has the right to use the SLAVES mind, body, and time as he sees fit. The SLAVE will keep herself ready for his use, and submit to his whims immediately and without question.

VI. Rights and Responsibilities of MASTER

A. MASTER has the rights described below. These rights are only to be revoked in the event of a dissolution of contract submitted in writing.

i. MASTER has the right to treat SLAVE any way he wants.

ii. MASTER has the right to do anything he wishes to SLAVE at any time.

iii. MASTER has the right to punish SLAVE for any misconduct as he sees fit, this punishment is not limited by SLAVE limits or safe word.

iv. MASTER has the right to terminate this contract at any time in writing.

B. MASTER has many responsibilities. These responsibilities are to ensure that SLAVES needs are being met and that the relationship stays in line with the primary goal as stated above.

i. MASTER is responsible for maintaining respect for SLAVE. This includes but is not limited to maintaining SLAVE’s integrity, and ALWAYS BEING HONEST with SLAVE.

ii. MASTER is responsible for making big decisions. While he may consult SLAVE, the final decision is to be his.

iii. MASTER is responsible for making sure SLAVE is taken care of and taking care of herself. This includes respecting the SLAVE use of safe word in any situation excluding punishment.

iv. MASTER is responsible for issuing punishment and discipline to ensure that SLAVE is following the rules as defined by MASTER.

VII. Responsibilities and Rights of SLAVE

A. SLAVE has many responsibilities.

i. SLAVE is responsible for ensuring that MASTERS needs and wants are taken care of in a timely and obedient fashion.

ii. SLAVE is responsible for maintaining the household. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to cooking, cleaning, scheduling of appointments and activities.

iii. SLAVE is responsible for maintaining herself to MASTER’s preferences. This includes but is not limited to keeping a nice appearance, being clean, shaved at least once a week, eyebrows done, eating and exercising to maintain health, attending all necessary dental and doctors’ appointments, and tracking fertility for MASTERS knowledge.

iv. SLAVE is responsible for honest and open communication with MASTER at all times. MASTER will instill acceptable protocol for SLAVE discussing any issues or concerns and they should be followed at all times. It is entirely unacceptable for SLAVE to hide thoughts/feelings from MASTER, as this creates a time bomb that will surely go off. This also applies to the imperative use of the SAFEWORDS.

B. SLAVE has very few, but none the less important, rights.

i. SLAVE has the right to be heard when following correct protocol.

ii. SLAVE has the right to physical and emotional safety.

iii. SLAVE has the right to terminate this contract at any time if done so in writing.

VIII. Rules of SLAVE behavior

Rules are an important part of MASTER/SLAVE relationships. The rules outlined below are divided into different social situations, as the rules necessarily must be different. These rules are on top of any directions MASTER gives.

A. Rules that apply at all times

a. MASTER is in control of all situations.

b. MASTER will be addressed with appropriate title (“My Love” in public, and “Sir” in private)

c. SLAVE will always thank MASTER.

d. SLAVE will always attend to MASTER’s needs.

e. Chores are to be completed in a timely manner.

f. SLAVE must always follow protocol for discussions/disagreements.

SLAVE is to grab ahold of MASTER’S hand to signal the need to talk privately. Once alone, SLAVE is to kneel before MASTER to discuss the problem.

g. SLAVE will never interrupt MASTER when he is speaking, or publicly disagree with his decisions/statements.

h. MASTER will always be greeted with a smile and a kiss.

B. Rules for in public will be slightly different.

a. SLAVE will always walk and stand/sit to MASTER’s right side.

b. SLAVE will always address MASTER using the pet name “my love.”

c. SLAVE will wait until after MASTER takes first bite of his food/drink before indulging in eating or drinking.

d. SLAVE will always act appropriately as her actions reflect upon him.

C. Rules for in private will be more demanding and submissive.

a. SLAVE will wait for direction from MASTER, SLAVE will stand near closest wall, hands to her side and looking downward.

b. SLAVE will not speak unless spoken to, or instructed to unless in “free time”.

c. SLAVE will ask for permission before entering or exiting the room/bed/etc for any reason. If denied, SLAVE will obey.

IX. SLAVE chore list

A. Keeping in line with MASTER and SLAVE personal preference for traditional home life, household chores are beneath MASTER. He may choose to help on occasion, but SLAVE should try to make this unnecessary by keeping up with the following household chores.

a. Everyday:

i. Empty room trash

ii. Make bed

iii. Tidy up 15 minutes

iv. Empty dishwasher and drainer

v. Load and run dishwasher

vi. Wash Dinner dishes

vii. Pick Up any clothes off of the floor

b. Monday:

i. Clean Master bedroom, including vacume

ii. Guinea Pig Cage & Cat litter

iii. Laundry

c. Tuesday:

i. Hall bathroom

ii. Master Bathroom

iii. Floor

d. Wednesday:

i. ____’s room, including sheets and vacume

ii. Laundry

e. Thursday:

i. Kitchen

ii. Floor

iii. Cat litter

f. Friday:

i. _____’s room including sheets and vacume

ii. Laundry

g. Saturday:

i. Dust

ii. Windows

h. Sunday:

i. Floor

i. Monthly on the 1st

i. Change Air filters

j. Meals:

i. All meals should be cooked for MASTER unless otherwise instructed

ii. Dinner should be served no later than 6:30

iii. All meals should be made as healthily as possible

B. Personal Chores

a. Daily inventory of appearance

b. Dress before MASTER returns home from work, including hair and makeup

c. Keep body hair to a minimum

d. Keep nails and feet in presentable condition.

C. Relationship Chores

a. Send MASTER a text message before leaving the house, every time, and when returning.

b. Wash and Dry MASTER during his shower before washing or drying self.

c. Provide oral pleasure for MASTER after he is dry.

d. Prepare clothing for MASTER every evening for tomorrow and before shower.

X. Slave Limits

A. Soft Limits are things SLAVE does not particularly enjoy, but are open to MASTER at any time.

a. Anal sex

b. Cum swallowing

c. Urine play

d. Humiliation

e. Oral after vaginal

B. Hard Limits

a. Dry anal play

b. Poop

XI. Discipline and Punishment

Positive reinforcement has been proven a valuable training tool. MASTER will incorporate positive reinforcement in terms of rewards and praise for SLAVE performing well. Punishment is also a tool for training and teaching. MASTER will use punishment when SLAVE does not meet the requirements of His service. Punishments will be chosen by MASTER and will be handed out harshly. Such punishments may include physical fierce spanking with no warm up, time out, loss of “free time” or other privileges, extra chores, humiliation, aggressive use of soft limits, writing assignments, loss of privilege to cum, extended multiple orgasm, cold showers and anything else MASTER deems appropriate.

XII. Collar/ Formal Ownership

Because both SLAVE role and pup role lend to the use of a collar, this section will define the difference and when each will be used.

A. SLAVE collar signifies SLAVE’s devotion to MASTER. This collar will come with time, ideally in a private collaring ceremony/ritual to be held 11/12/16 to signal MASTER’S permanent ownership of SLAVE.

B. MASTER has provided SLAVE with a pup collar as well. This pup collar will only be put on/ taken off by MASTER, signifying the beginning or ending of puppy play. MASTER will be the only one to initiate or end puppy play. SLAVE is expected to behave as a well-trained puppy for the duration of puppy play. This may include wearing ears/tail, walking on a leash, playing fetch, eating/drinking from a bowl, learning tricks, and whatever else MASTER deems puppy worthy.

C. In the future a permanent marking of submissiveness and ownership may be discussed.

XIII. Exclusivity

At this time, MASTER and SLAVE are to be exclusively with each other sexually. If it is later determined to change, MASTER will discuss with SLAVE. SLAVE will not ask MASTER about this, as SLAVE belongs to MASTER and only MASTER will decide if SLAVE or MASTER should be allowed/required to step outside of this Exclusivity clause.

XIV. Additional Notes