Sometimes i think that i was born in the wrong lifetime. In O/our dynamic, there’s a lot of traditional elements linking back to the marriage dynamic in the 1950’s.  This means that most of the household responsibility falls on me, and i love it that way.  Dinners are usually homemade (which is healthier too) and served to be eaten together as a family.  This is an often overlooked idea, but it is a great time to connect with the people i love most.  The household chores are mine to do (except the trash). The kids deal with me most directly, but answer to Master.  When there is a disagreement in a situation, i try to refer back to Master as the final say.

Right now, we are in a semi 1950’s style dynamic.  Most of what i consider to be the essentials are in place, but there are some places we are more progressive. Not all of them i would like to remain that way.  For example i would love to be in a place where I wouldn’t need help from Master to keep up with the chores, but alas there are still times i need his help.  Another is that i would like for Him to be the sole final decision maker, unfortunately, i still fill in that role quite a bit.  That being said we are moving toward a place W/we would prefer to be in this aspect.

To get somewhere in life, you have to know where you are going, otherwise you will end up going in circles. Here’s an idea of my ideal 1950’s dynamic being incorporated into a day:

Waking up, i would be the first one up, dressed, makeup on, hair styled and ready for the day. A home made full breakfast would be waiting on the table when everyone else emerges from their bedrooms. Master would be able to relax and get up at his leisure.  The children would wake up and make their beds and dress for the day.  W/we would sit down to a nice breakfast and prepare for the day as a family, maybe while Master reads the news.

After getting the children off to school, thehouse would be cleaned. (Sticking with the schedule i have in place)  Once the house was in tip top shape, i would tend to any special tasks Master has requested of me for the day.  Once the children come home from school, homework would be completed.  Kids chores done (with out me having to hound them to get it done.)  A delicious dinner, completely home made would be waiting for Master on the table when he arrives at home from work.  After dinner, Master would relax while i get the children off to showers and bed.

Once the children were in bed, i would then tend to any tidying up that needs done  so we can wake up to a clean home again the next day. If Master was pleased with my service that day, maybe enjoy a glass of wine with Him while i hear about his day and discuss my chores for the next day.

It all sounds a little too good to be true, but as longs as W/we keep moving in that direction, i believe that Master and i can get awfully close to it.

I’d love to get some feedback from others, is this too traditional for your tastes? Does it sound like a dream for you as well? Any tips for helping U/us get closer to a classic “Leave it to Beaver” home life? Drop some comments below.