In Honor of Easter this past weekend, i would like to take a moment to discuss hoe Christianity works with my “super taboo” lifestyle.

In society, BDSM is very much too taboo for regular conversation. But, in many ways it is also very traditional, for U/us anyway.  BDSM is becoming less and less taboo in society as we can see from the rise in popularity of 50 shades, the increase in availability of restraints in adult toy stores, websites like fetlife, and an overall liberation with sexual preference across the board.

Many people think that all things sexual are bad in the eyes of Christianity.  The idea that pleasure is sin is pretty ingrained in the minds of many people, both religious and otherwise.  However, i believe differently. i believe that staying firm in my faith is not a contradiction to O/our relationship.  For one thing, in the Bible, it is suggested that we “go forth and mutliply.” Additionally, if we are to believe that God made us and the world in perfect reason, why would sexuality be derived throughout the entire body?

When a man and a woman become “husband and wife” it is worded in a way that sets up a hierarchy of serving and responsibility.  God is at the head of the hierarchy, with the Husband serving God and protecting and caring for those beneath him on the hierarchy. Next comes the wife, who is to serve her husband and protect and care for the children. This is a perfect fit for Master and i within our dynamic.  As a Dominant, it is His job to protect and care for His submissive.  He takes on the responsibility to make decisions and to provide guidance and direction to His submissive. As His submissive, i serve His will while also assuming the most direct responsibility for O/our home and children.

What if you are Christian and do not fit the male Dominant/female submissive roles?  Don’t worry!! My personal beliefs on this are that God knows your heart, and Jesus has atoned for your in ability to fit the “perfect” expectation many people use in an attempt to get us all to conform.