i have spent a great deal of time here discussing how Master and i came to get our respective roles and titles. But, i don’t believe i have discussed other names used rather than just Master and slave.

To start, the names i am to call Master are as follows:

  • Master
  • Sir
  • My love (to be used only in public situations)
  • Baby (again to be used only in public)


Master on the other hand has many many names for me, and uses them in a variety of situations.

  • slave
  • submissive
  • baby
  • slut
  • bitch
  • dirty slut
  • whore


While the first couple are rather straight forward, a few on that list have a very negative connotation to most of the world.  To me these words mean differently than something negative. To be called these words is actually a good thing, it fills me with pride to know that Master uses me as His slut or whore.  Traditionally speaking these words mean someone who is used for sexual pleasure with little need of romance in return.  It is my aspiration for Master to use me as He sees fit, including in a sexual way. As far as being called His bitch, it shows me that he views me as loyal and unconditionally his- just like a dog 🙂

In actuality all of these words serve to remind me that i belong entirely to Him, and that is a fantastic feeling ❤