i have breifly discussed the spanking implements Master has used on me in a previous post.  However, i feel that a small implement review may be helpful to others looking for a new toy of their own.  (Also, Master recently had a birthday and was able to pick up a couple more.)

The Hand

This is the most basic and always available implement.  When Master spanking me with His hand, there is a surprising array of minor differences in the sensation.  With Masters fingers spread wide, i can feel each finger in the red handprint tingling.  Where as with His hand totally flat it has a bit more of an impact effect and a solid sting.  When thinking of spankings, it is easy to under estimate the effect of sound.  When Master cups His hand a bit, it makes quite a loud sound with less of an impact. Sometimes i jump more from the sound than the sting.

The Belt

Like most people in O/our generation, the belt holds a certain ingrained disciplinary power for Master and i; having grown up in a time that belts were commonly used as discipline.  Master has a couple of belts, but W/we have discussed getting more with varying textures.  For now, Master has flat and smooth but solid leather belts.  Hearing the tiny clanking of the buckle in Masters hand definitely adds to the anticipation.  The belt offers little by way of versatility in spanking, but is highly effective. With each smack, the belt leaves my bottom red and warm.

The Hairbrush

Master usually uses a hairbrush out of convenience.  i think for Master it fits so well in His hand by the handle that it provides more control.  Personally, i have found the hairbrush to have less of a sting on the skin, but definitely creates a deeper impact feeling.  The sound is totally different with brush. Where most implements W/we have used create a snapping sound, the brush sounds more like a popping sound.  i don’t believe this falls on either of my short lists or implements. (Most loved/Most Dispised)

The Wooden Handle

This is just a handle of a long wooden bath brush.  This is another implement that Master uses out of convenience when W/we are in the bathroom.  It is long and skinny at the top but wider closer to Master.  This doesn’t seem to hurt like the others (though it could be just because Master may not use it the same as the others.) When my body is wet from a shower and this handle comes crashing into my ass cheek i definitely feel it! The handle doesn’t seem to be as loud as other implements, but does have a certain scary effect for me.  Just the idea of being spanked with a long piece of wood makes me straighten up my act a bit.

The Cookie Spatula

This spatula is a large, round metal spatula made for picking up a batch of cookies off a baking sheet.  When W/we ordered it, W/we fully intended on eating more cookies.  But once Master had it in His hand, W/we exchanged a knowing look.  This spatula covers a wider area than any of the other implements. It is slightly larger than Masters hand fully stretched. This makes it a good implement for when Master wants my hind end red quickly.  On my end, the spatula offers very little flexibility (like a belt or hand can kind of pull back a bit on impact) so it leaves a more lasting sting. It is slightly heavy as well which gives it a deep impact feeling as well. (This is probably my least favorite spanking implement used so far for punishment.)

The Flogger

This one is new.  Master chose Himself a leather flogger recently.  i had (silly me) kind of snickered at the time thinking that cloggers don’t do much damage.  Being that this is the first on this list that is made for spanking, Master probably enjoys this handle in His hand the most because He can wrap His fist around it.  When i first ran my fingers through the flogger, i thought surely this is too soft and flexible to cause pain. But the first time it made contact with my bum i was rather surprised.  Because of the many points of impact and the flexibility, it offered quite a scratchy feel. A few more lashes with the flogger created quite a burning sensation on my rosy red cheeks.

The Crop

Another birthday present of Master’s choosing is the crop. He choose a long brown one with a little leather tab.  Not realizing what i was getting myself into, i snickered when Master chose it.  However, once the crop and i became formally acquainted, i believe have found my newest least favorite.  It seems the crop offers a combination of the sting, the impact, and the snap.  All of these coming together in such a harsh manner (even during funishment) makes me rather nervous.

i hope my mini reviews are helpful and informative.  I am wondering if anyone else has found these same effects from these implements.  Please share your experiences with these or any other implementsin the comments section below.