Master and i read about orgasm control.  This idea that He could somehow train my body to only orgasm on command. Niether of U/us fully expected it to work. 

O/our rules have always been that when playing together, i must ask Master before reaching an orgasm.  Master began delaying my orgasms by seconds at a time. Eventually He would just say no, until i was begging.  Honestly, i had a few that slipped by without permission.  They would always prolong the next permission, and usually came with a mild punishment.  

 Over time, from having to ask Master for permission to cum, my body started plateauing just before orgasm.  Sometimes, Master would forget to tell me i could, and being rather quiet i wouldn’t ask.  After a few times of Master accidentally denying orgasm the entire playtime, i decided to speak up.  i told Him that my body just wouldn’t unless He specifically said i could.   

Master has never restricted my privledge of masturbation- except maybe temporarily as a punishment.  Soon, i found little relief in masturbation, as i would hit that plateau and wait for Master to say i could. However, i never  masturbate in Master’s presence, so i could go on for hours with no relief just that familiar plateau.  

When Master and i discussed it again, W/we decided to play with this ability.  Thus far, if i am at that plateau Master can make me orgasm on command.  He has even induced multiple orgasms back to back with no rest and very little build up. i am curious to see if my body can be trained in such a way that Master could induce an orgasm without any initial build up… 

If you have experience with orgasm control, i would love to read other experiences. Please share in the comments below.