It is important for Master and i to have clear, discussed, written rules. By having my rules already discussed and written out, i know in advance what is expected of me, and also that at this point they are nonnegotiable.  When W/we first sat down to discuss rules, W/we had both searched the Internet and brought a few rules W/we each found and began composing the list.  Over time, as O/our relationship has grown and developed, so have the rules.  At one time the rules were very specific and there were many.  Over the many revisions, rules have been added, changed and completely taken out of the list. 

All of the rules are based in a simple all inclusive rule. The basic rules are:

  • MASTER is in control of all situations. 
  • MASTER will be addressed with appropriate title (“My Love” in public, and “Sir or Master” in private) 
  •  SLAVE will always thank MASTER. 
  • SLAVE will always attend to MASTER’s needs before her own.  
  • Chores are to be completed in a timely manner.  
  • SLAVE must always follow protocol for discussions/disagreements.  
  •  SLAVE will never interrupt MASTER when he is speaking, or publicly disagree with his decisions/statements.  
  • MASTER will always be greeted with a smile and a kiss.  

So all in all, the rules come down to one thing: Always show respect for Master, in every situation, every time.  

Master has also made a list of rules for when W/we are alone as well those for specifically public situations. 

In public:

  • SLAVE will always walk and stand/sit to MASTER’s right side.  
  • SLAVE will always address MASTER using the pet name “My Love.” 
  •  SLAVE will wait until after MASTER takes first bite of his food/drink before indulging in eating or drinking. 
  • SLAVE will always act appropriately as her actions reflect upon him. 

In private: 

  •  SLAVE will wait for direction from MASTER, SLAVE will stand near closest wall, hands to her side and looking downward.  
  •  SLAVE will not speak unless spoken to, or instructed to unless in “free time”. 
  • SLAVE will ask for permission before entering or exiting the room/bed/etc for any reason. If denied, SLAVE will obey.  

These additional rules were put into place to help me remember my place is beneath Master’s.  This list of rules gives me a certain security within O/our relationship and better allows me to be what Master wants without specific direction.  This is especially helpful in O/our vanilla public lives.  

While these rules have been very helpful in reinforcing my role, Maintenance Spankings can also be quite helpful for reinforcing my submission to Master.