An interesting concept is a mantenance spanking.  i have read that mantenance spankings are absolutely necessary in Dominant/submissive relationships, i have also read that they are not.  Over time this question has come up in my mind and i can see it going either way.  There are times i feel like they aren’t needed in O/our relationship, but then my submission tends to slip a little when i have not received a punishment lately.

This leads me to believe that maybe i crave the harsh spanking itself. (My punishments consist of a physical punishment and a more mental one as well, for more on the punishments i receive please read this blog post.) But is that really what i crave?

The more i have thought about this, the more i have come to the conclusion it isn’t the spanking itself but the deliberate display of Dominance that i crave.  i recently came across a blog that stated women are biologically predisposed to submitting to men.  When you think about it, evolutionarily speaking, the existence of the human species depended on women submitting to the sexual desires of men.  This is evidenced in the fact that femal orgasm is not crucial reproduction, while male orgasm is the precursor to reproduction.

How does this tie in to my need to have Master display His Dominance with a spanking? Well, being that in today’s society, sexual acts are viewed as mutually pleasurable and there is great emphasis on the elusive “female orgasm,” sexuality no longer equates to submission.  However, submitting to a harsh punishment is a clear cut display of my submission.

So then, it would appear that mantenance spankings are important within O/our dynamic. But, wait there’s more! There are so many deliberate displays of Master’s Dominance that could be used as well.

Occasionally, Master will force me to perform a sexual act i am not fond of.  Some examples of this are oral after sex, particularly rough and painful sex and anal.  Occasionally, Master marks his territory using urine (again not something I enjoy.) Sometimes when Master has seen that i have been a very good girl, He will allow me a chance to be His good little bitch. This is a term W/we use almost exclusively for puppy play. When Master allows puppy play, He inserts a tail plug (which by the way is a bit painful in itself) then places a collar on my neck and puts me on a leash.  Then He trains me as a puppy. What do each of these hve in common, a slight humiliation effect and a total submission to Master. These activities seem to alleviate the kcraving and hinder my spurts of bad behavior.

So, i suppose, all of that being said, no maintence spankings are not necessary.  Why is necessary is the need for Master to occasionally assert is Dominance in an out of the ordinary way.

I would love some feedback in this area.  Are there anyways you know that Master could assert is dominance other than what is discussed above?