?Every relationship has challenges.  For me, that hardest parts of being Master’s slave are regulating my emotions and keeping up with my chores.  Admittedly, as a person i can be overly emotional and can be a bit lazy. 

As Master’s slave, i am required to maintain a respectful attitude and honor Master, even when i am upset.  This is definitely easier said than done.  i often find myself unable to do this.  Coming from O/our relationship being with me pretty much the final say, i often get upset when things don’t go the way i think they should.  i tend to express this by either being snappy with Master, pouting, or trying to get out of doing things asked of me.  Realistically, i know that this is not the way i should behave, but sometimes it just happens. 

The other real issue i experience is getting motivated to do my daily chores.  After a few days of doing really well, my chores seem so tedious. i like when my home and life is clean and organized, and it is important for Master as well.  Master has taken the pressure of these tasks off of my shoulders by holding me accountable. 

While these are the things i have the most difficulty with, they are part of the dynamic because Master knows these are things i would like to improve.  In an attempt to help me improve, Mastet us taken the responsibility from me and has given Himself as my accountability system.  When i behave in a way that is counter productive to who i want o be, Master takes on the difficult task of correcting me. To read more about my punishments for these and other infractions, please read this blog post