A commonly discussed topic is subspace. Some people believe it is a myth, but for me, it is very real and being allowed to experience it is a great reward that Master occasionally uses as Positive reinforcement for a streak of positive behavior. 

The best way i can explain what i experience in subspace is a mindset fueled by adrenaline that allows me to become a “perfect sub” with almost no pain threshold, gag reflex, or limits.  There is a major mind over matter that happens and a simple suggestion from Master makes things that are otherwise difficult or painful feel possible and even pleasurable.  

W/we actually found out about subspace on accident.  During a rather intense play session involving bondage and funishment (spanking/impact play for fun), suddenly my body  felt different and i was blessed with amazing stamina, persistence, motivation and focus on the task at hand.  Master said i looked different-more determined.

 After our session ended i felt even stranger. When i moved it felt almost like i was in a pool, that weightless but moving requires more effort feeling. Suddenly, my mind was flooded with emotions; happy, sad, confused, content, proud, ashamed… The list goes on, but you get the idea.  It was utterly terrifying as i had no idea what was going on, and niether did Master. (For more on this- called subdrop, read my other blog post.)

After that night i continued my reading and learned that what i experienced had a name-subspace.  From what i read it was relatively normal. The more i read the more understood and became more comfortable playing with Master that intensely again.   As i am able to fully understand it, and Master is able to help me through it with proper after care; it has truly become one of my favorite rewards

Each time Master allows me to find my space, W/we connect a little differently.  Every time is an exercise of trust- trust that He will use my body and service to His satisfaction, trust that He will help me reach my limits but not force me past them, and trust that He will help me return to my normal self in a loving way. 

After my recovery W/we always discuss what went on and how W/we both feel.  After that important discussion, i always feel more loved by and closer to Master.