i don’t usually write two posts together, but i believe the discussion of subdrop and after care should be discussed with discussions of subspace (see that blog post here) as the two go hand in hand. 

After a trip into subspace, my body and mind are left depleted. Physically, i am left weak, usually with a drop in body temperature, tired and incapable of tending or recognizing to my own needs. Mentally, my mind slows down a lot, my emotions are all over the map and often conflicting, and i am left yearning for tender comfort and praise.  

This is where aftercare becomes crucial.  Depending on the session that brought about such extreme subspace, after care looks different within O/our relationship.  That being said a few things are constant- if i need to walk anywhere, Master is right by my side to ensure i do not fall, Master helps to keep track of and tend to my basic needs: being clean and warm, making sure that i have nourishment, and that i am hydrated; and possibly most important of all, Master always makes sure i feel loved and appreciated. 

Without these crucial moments of aftercare while experiencing subdrop, i would be left feeling abandoned, alone, used, or even possibly physically ill from not having my physical needs met.