Positive reinforcement is a vital training tool within O/our Master/slave relationship.  Discipline is often thought to be only punishing mistakes.  However, in O/our relationship Master finds it also important to incorporate positive reinforcement for a job well done.

Master’s wise decision to also reward good behavior helps me as his slave on many levels.  The first is that similar to punishment imprinting the infraction on my mind, positive reinforcement allows for a job well done to stick out in my mind and encourages me to repeat the desired task/behavior. (To read more on punishment within O/our dynamic, read this blog post.) Scientifically speaking, it has been proven that’ll survive reinforcement of desired behavior is the most effective training tool.

Too often in life we, as people, forget to address the good.  By remembering the good in O/our dynamic Master is better able to enjoy O/our relationship and allow me to enjoy it more as well.  When W/we focus only on mistakes, it creates a cycle of more mistakes and could theoretically create a perpetually negative look on O/our relationship and eventually each other.

Additionally, a little reward for a job well done helps U/us to prevent me becoming “burnt out.” A topic i have come across many times within discussions of BDSM relationship is sub burn out.  It is easy to see how a person could become burnt out when expending all of their efforts to please another person.  However, when Master rewards me for a job well done, i am able to take a deep breath and know that my efforts are appreciated and noticed.  The memory of these small reminder is a very valuable thing on days i struggle to get motivated to complete my chores or to maintain my composure when upset about something.

Some ways that Master provides positive reinforcement in O/our relationship are:

  • A nice massage
  • Fettish play
  • A nice  FUNishment spanking
  • Allowing orgasm
  • Washing me in the shower
  • Brushing my hair
  • Volunteering to do one of my chores (usually the dishes after dinner)
  • A special gift (flowers or something small)
  • Saying a simple, “Very good job.” Or, “Thank you.”