Structure is one of the most important factors in O/our Master/slave relationship. i feel that it is second only to communication.  Having structure equates to security in my role.  By knowing what is expected of me and when i am better able to serve Master.  If my expectations were based on Master’s whim i would never know how to please Master, our what to expect. This would end up leaving both Master and i frustrated and almost never on the same page.

There is structure not only in my role, but also in my tasks.  Without completing my tasks in a structured way, i would probably be unable to get them completed. Master helped me to decide when each chore should be completed, and by following those recommendations i am able quickly get through my daily chores.

The bottom line is that in almost any relationship there is some form of structure, even if it is a lack of structure.  In a Master/slave relationship structure is imperative to keeping everyone on the same page, feeling secure within their roles, and getting done what needs to be taken care of.