In the BDSM world, there are so many terms that people use interchangeably. From what i have noticed, there isn’t one true definition per se for any of them.  When W/we began our Dominant/submissive journey, i refused the label of slave.  i had read somewhere that slaves were basically mindless people who do only exactly what they are told, and that is not me.

Throughout O/our journey Master has always preferred His title of Master, though He does allow me to call Him Sir in more public arenas. For Him it was never a question of identity, just what He was most comfortable with.

For me, however, it was very different.  i have always preferred to be dominated in the bedroom, but as i relinquished more of myself to Master, W/we decided i would be His submissive. Upon deciding to be His submissive i began exploring more of myself.  Looking back at previous relationships i had, deep fantasies i had never expressed, and little things previous boyfriends had done that i enjoyed. i quickly realized i had always leaned toward being a submissive.  With that self realization I knew undoubtedly that being a submissive is for me, and always had been i just lacked the terminology to call it that.

Once Master began coming into His comfort zone as a Dominant, and i began flourishing under His leadership, W/we discussed my title again.  In my mind, being a slave is a more perminant role than submissive.  Also, i think of a submissive as being someone that maintains a certain ownership of themself. To me the idea of being slave meant that i was giving myself perminantly to Master down to the tiniest things.  Master knows my preferred limits, but in becoming His slave i relinquished those limits to Him.  He is now in control of my limits as well as everything else. W/we love it this way and so that is how i know that being His slave is what’s for me.