In today’s society, women are encourage to be independent, equal partners to their spouses.  In my opinion, while a woman should know her strength and should be able to live on her own, there is a certain strength and freedom that comes from belonging to my Master.  Having been a single parent and used to being everything for everyone at all times, i found it truly exhausting and always felt like not enough.  When Master agreed to make the transition from being my fiancée to being my Master, a great deal of pressure can off of my shoulders.  Now, i trust that Master will help me to spend my time wisely and make sure that everything is done when it needs to be.  By giving up the control and the responsibility, i am able to still do everything i would be otherwise, but in a more fulfilling and meaningful way.

Many people think of women as being irrational, emotional, demanding, and over controlling.  i will admit, i fit these stereotypes when our relationship began.  Over time i have become better at controlling my emotions and i have learned to better communicate with my Master.   A Master/slave relationship eliminates many of the “typical” relationships struggles and requires a clear line of communication between partners.  This has truly been the quiet blessing W/we weren’t expecting.

Also, i believe that a family functions better with a traditional dynamic with the man as the head of household.  When there is a conflict, the final decision belongs to Master.  i trust that he will make the best decision for U/us at the time.  This isn’t to say i don’t get to voice my opinion, Master is very thoughtful and often asks for my opinion, and usually goes with my first choice.

Even though many people worry about what you give up when you give someone else control of your being, i have gained so much!! It truly is only in serving Master that i have ever felt so free.