This  is the story of my Master and i. O/our journey is still just beginning, but i hope that O/our story can help others on a similar path. Due to the nature of O/our relationship, BDSM in many forms will be continuously discussed and sexual events may be discussed frequently.  If either of these is offensive, or inappropriate for you, please find something else to read.  

Please remember that all sexual acts depicted are being performed between consensual adults. Also, the KEY in a Master/slave relationship is CONSENT, with out mutual consent of all parties spanking, bondage, control, humiliation, etc is abuse. my Master loves me deeply and does not now, nor will He ever, abuse me. 

O/our BDSM relationship is a Master/slave relationship with properties of a 1950s family dynamic and a multitude of fettish play scenes. W/we incorporate traditional 1950s division of household responsibilities (i.e. women take care of the house and children, men take care of the yard and working). W/we occasionally play with puppy play, bondage, and Sadism/masochism; W/we are likely to add to this list of fettish play. He is my Master and owns my entire being. i am his 24/7 full service slave.  Master does incorporate many styles of discipline and training.  That being said, W/we are both fairly new to this lifestyle and eager to learn together how to be the best Master or slave, respectively, for each other. 

The main purpose of this blog is give me an outlet for my slave thoughts -for now W/we are not active in the local kink community and our dynamic is currently taking place behind closed doors. i also hope to open the discussion for others who may be in or interested in a similar dynamic.  i know the first thing i did when exploring this lifestyle was read, from every source i could find; and this is just to add to what already exists in cyber space.  So… If you have anything to add, would like to ask me, or would like to be discussed drop me a comment and i will do my best to incorporate it in here 🙂